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Measurement with Veriscan Rating™

Veriscan Rating

Veriscan Rating 1-5

  • Performance Measurements over time, with different measurement programs depending on the type and size of the business
  • Provided as a service, with support of Veriscan vEAVER

There are a number of standardized measurements to work from depending on the type and size of business. Each higher measurement program adds basically to the lower measurement program. The five standardized measurement programs are offered as a service at a fixed price.

For Veriscan Rating® measurement programs there are a large number of possible add-on modules such as outsourcing, SCADA / ICS Systems etc.

  • Rating® 1 Designed for smaller organizations such as subcontractors that continually want to show a measure of their information security or to easily compare various organizational units within a larger group.
  • Rating® 2 Intended primarily for the manufacturing industry with high availability requirements.
  • Rating® 3 Destined for a business with requirements on different levels of protection in different parts of the business. There are requirements on the information’s confidentiality, integrity and availability. Veriscan Rating ® 3 is the measurement program which is aligned with the requirements of ISO / IEC 27001 and 27002.
  • Rating® 4 Intended for transaction intensive organizations in addition to requirements for different levels of protection of the business, also businesses with expanded traceability requirements.
  • Rating® 5 Destined for a highly security oriented business with extremely high demands on different levels of protection and above all confidentiality.


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